If you travel in Tuscany – and for sure you will stop in Florence – do not miss this museum cafè in Piazza della Signoria , just behind the Palazzo Vecchio.

An interesting permanent but always in changing exibition of bags from the beginning of the Guccio Gucci’s first boutique in Florence to fab dresses for Hollywood stars,videos ,old pictures, foulards and a lot of information about the origin and the evolution of the brand.
In my opinion it is , most of all, a piece of history, signed by a brand that represents the symbol of the Italian fashion in the world.
A small shop is also available with Gucci Museum’s gadgets and some new bags, belt,purses and other must have that you can buy there.
Close to the cafè , where you can sit down to have not just a cappuccino but also lunch or dinner, there is a beautiful bookstore with different kind of books from fashion to food and it looks like to be in a small modern island in an old charming setting as it is that stunning square.


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