GRAND CAFE’ DAMIER – Via della Madonna,8 – Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Immagine 3072

is not a big bar as the name can evoque you, but on the contrary , it is a very intimate new open cafè located in one of the most central street of Pistoia.
Run by a charming young lady – Melissa – who comes from Buxelles and a good team of smart nice girls, always… SMILING !
So, this is a modern Italian bar in but with a special French/Belgique touch :
in order with the name ‘damier’ , the ‘black&white’ are the most used colours ( for the pavement and the logo is on the tables) matches the beautiful old Tuscan bricks on the walls of this old building .

Many different kind of herbal infusions are served on the black glass tables, as weel as different kind of teas with a special sugar selection and a butter biscuit on a separate plate as the perfect English tradition!

Cappuccino has a thick foam, for me it is a MUST! , and original chocolate decorations are usually completing the good taste of a fresh Tuscan milk.

Of course a huge choice of croissants, cakes and and salted breaks.

All this served with a great class and kindness to satify everyone’s request : a standing coffee by the desk for thoose are in rush and in perfect Italian style,sitting for a chat with friends or alone for a relaxing pause.

Many different newspapers are daily available on a dedicated table and not just local ones & FREE WIFI.

Outside, under two big umbrellas further tables with armchairs where you can dip a nice ‘aperitivo ‘ sitting in the street overlooking the thrid biggest Dome in Italy
in fact, just round the corner is located the octagonal Dome (designed by Vasari)
of Madonna dell’Umiltà Roman Basilica ,that is an impressive example of the high Renaissance period .

Open everyday from morning to evening , included Sundays and bank holidays ( so rare to find in Italy!)


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