Up to the stairs to the rooms

Whoever arrives at Moneglia and chooses to stay at the former Abbadia San Giorgio monastery is truly privileged since he can find atmospheres of great tranquillity and a place of history and ancient spirituality just as it was when Franciscan monks chose Moneglia as their home in the 15th century.

The convent and the cloister are adjacent to the Church of San Giorgio di Moneglia dating back to 1396, when the Gothic style defined the size of the three large naves along the seaside as commissioned by the Reverend of the city.

The Cloisters of San Giorgio and San Francesco house the period residence of Abbadia San Giorgio, and it is said that in 1484 the Minor Observant monks of the Franciscan order erected the convent with the double choir and dedicated it to Saint Francis.

In the mid 16th century the convent was restored by Cardinal Clemente Dolera who added guest quarters, an infirmary, and a prestigious library that used to hold more than 700 volumes.

At the end of the 17th century it was further renovated and has come down to us with the same basic design. In 2004 it underwent an expert restoration thanks to the farsightedness of D. Minetti and the direction of the Superintendent of cultural buildings, who have preserved the original elegant structure that still survives full of charm and serene harmony.

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