Made in Pistoia : Raw milk Pecorino cheese how to press it ? by hand,of course!

Raw milk Pecorino cheese How to press it  ~ by hand

Signora Maria Tondini does this job since long time : in the past with the help of his husband, now with that of her son Graziano and grandson Daniele .
Daniele is the youngest of the family and after having finished the secondary school he decided to continue the family business in spite of the hard work and all the sacrifices it includes..
“No holidays with sheeps! no day off for us!we have to look after them and can’t leave them alone .
I have to milk them everyday, no excuse!”

A choice of life not just a job, I have to add.

I can tell you that their link with the animals is lovely: they give them a name, the sheeps follow Graziano or Daniele as they were dog! The nicest ones have a red collar and some of them won International awards for their beauty or for the best … BREST !! I have never imagined there was a special nimination for this part of the body as they were top model..
The Tondini family doesn’t eat lambs as they consider the new born as part of the family.

The bond with The animals is very strong.

Immerse into the nature, just few kilometres far from my town – Pistoia – a natural way of living in the name of passion for what they do .
Most of high quality food products come from this feeling .


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