Le grand cafè ‘ Le Damier ‘ – Pistoia

Immagine 3075Immagine 3021Immagine 3071Immagine 3069ImmagineLE GRAND CAFE’ DAMIER
is not a big bar as the name can suggest you, but on the contrary , it is a very intimate new open cafè located in one of the most central street of Pistoia.
Run by a very charming young lady – Melissa – who comes from Buxelles and a good team of smart nice girls, always… SMILING !
So, this is a modern bar in Italy but with a special twist in the fornitures – in order with the name damier, the ‘black&white’ are the most used colours – matched with the beautiful old Tuscan bricks came out from the well made renovation of this old historical building .


Some special herbal infusions are served on the glass tables, many different kind of teas with special sugar selections and a butter biscuit on a separate plate as the perfect English tradition!
Cappuccino thick foam, as I love ! , a huge choice of croissants and salted breaks.

All this served with a great class and a special kindness to satify all the clients’ requests.

Many different newspapers are daily available on a dedicated table and not just local ones & FREE WIFI.

Outside, in front of the entrance , you can also dip a nice cup of coffee sitting in the street overlooking the thrid biggest Dome in Italy – just round the corner is located the Madonna dell’Umiltà Basilica – and having a view of an authentic Italian town.

Open everyday from morning to evening , included Sundays and bank holidays ( so rare to find in Italy!)

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