Have a look to a typical Tuscan Sunday lunch

Yesterday I was invited for lunch by a couple of good friends of mine living just outside Pistoia,in the countryside, just few kilomethres from where I live.

First of all I have to tell you that I love them a lot,Anna & Nicola – the couple – have a son who has the same age of my daughter and we shared many experiences together from their first steps on their garden grass, our first lunches, first rides by bikes and so on…

So the hosts are very special people to me as well as their location, among the olive trees, the vineyards and the BIG fig tree (that provides ME , I just ADORE them! ) thousand og figs every summer!
I love the way my friend Anna cooks and the intimate & relaxing athmosphere we shared in her beautiful country house.

We have been invited in 3 couples
with our children – who was sat in another room around a smaller but not less nice than our ‘ adult ‘ table – as you could see from this picture here.

Now it’s with great pleausure that I wish to introduce to you all my G R E A T Sunday with them and let you have the chance to enjoy it too through my photos ( unfortunately you can’t taste the fab food!)

Cinta senese for the pork, special beans from Sorana ( Tuscany), big cherries from Vignola ( Emilia Romagna), exra virgin oli from the surrounding hills , pasta Martelli from Pisa : all the ingredients have been selected with love and passion to offer an unforgettable lunch.

Have a real example of a typical Tuscan Sunday lunch with us!



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