Made in Pistoia : best cappuccino on earth ~ it is in Tuscany ~ !

I love cappuccino as most of Italians love coffee : I’m a cappuccino adicted but ….
1.Must have a very thick foam or I don’t drink it
2.must be with fresh full caw milk
3.must be really warm
4.must be in a large ceramic cup not in glass

I Found The best cappuccino with all these characteristics in one only place: Umberto re del cappuccino = King Of cappuccino .
It is near My town Pistoia in The heart Of Tuscany , a small village very well known in The past for a huge concentration of shoe factories ,Monsummano Terme.
With an experience of 60 years of hard work in his coffeeshop ~ ‘ bar ‘ as we call it in Tuscany ~ Umberto makes an unforgettable cappuccino helping himself just with two big spoons to make a special top adding sugar & some chocolate powder.
Used to come here when I was working in the shoe business as footwear Agent with My father : we brought here many Of our foreign clients to taste Such an unique experience & they were soo happy !!
Since That time nothing really changed : same excellent quality and Umberto still smiling all the time when He is Preparing The best cappuccino on earth.
A very nice way Of Thanking when you Pay him the delicious cappuccino is:
‘Grazie di cuore❤! = Thank you from My heart❤ !’
Love soo much his original & fond way of thanking & I would answer : I’d pay all I have to get it for the rest My life!

Enjoy these picts And The vision Of This masterpiece!!















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