MadeinPistoia : Pistoia the capital of the green !

A red carpet of ...plants!

Maybe not everybody knows that Pistoia, my birthplace , is the capital of green!

Yes, we export thousand of plants every year to create the best private and public garden of the WORLD!

Here follows an extrat from a very interesting book written by Francesca Bardelli about the history of the nursery industry in Pistoia:
” Our city – Pistoia – owes its horticultural richness to the fertile land and the hard labour of the local people, which along with other factors combined, have created over the years a “green miracle” under the Appennines.
Historically there were the visible conditions which favoured the flourishing industry which has earned Pistoia the title of ” GREEN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD ” .
Since the Medival times Pistoia was submerged in water, the deposit of mud and sediment left by the flood water made the soil extremely fertile.
This was the beginning of the most profitable industry in the province.
The cultivated land revealed itself to be excellent for the poduction of fruit and vegetable which creates the foundations for the nurseries.
Centuries passed before anything began to happen…needed to wait for the teachings from aboad : England was the Country which initiated the practice with its bothanical gardens.
In the 1841 the Repetti dictionary decribes Pistoia as follow: “The city resides in fertile valleys along the river Ombrone, with perennial waters in a benign & healthy climate.Inhabitated by strong&iformed people who diligently cultivate this well irrigated land extremely fertile land.”
From June 26th till 28th a GREAT EVENT :
Here you will find some photos of a nursery in Pistoia, ENJOY!


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