Shoes are My passion or maybe I can say My obsession?

I spent half Of My life dealing with them: My father was involved in The shoe business as footwear Agent in Italy representing some Italian factories on The export market .
I followed him as soon as I finished The college and I loved This job soooo much!!
Keeping in touch with foreign clients And with The shoe production in Tuscany was very exciting & sometimes very hard too..
I loved to sell at The International Shoe Fairs : meeting with different people from all over The world & have The opportunity to find out How different were the requests & interest in shoes.

However My passion for shoes was written in My DNA as I loved them since I was a child and I knew what I wanted to wear or NOT!

I had the chance to grow up in a region where there are tanneries ( in Pisa area ) and Leather is a must for me!
Only leather shoes , sinthetic materials are not suitable for human!
Our skin breaths and we need to be in touch with something similar not rubber !

Furthermore in Tuscany we still have some Of The best shoe factories producing very high quality items.

Many outlets were Open recentely just by the factories so you can buy shoes at reasonable price and you are Sure they are top quality 😉😉😍😍


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