Fashion café in the heart of Florence

Once upon a time, there was an historical cafè called ‘Giacosa ‘ ( founded in 1815 and licensed furnisher Of the Italian Royal family ) in the most glamorous street of Florence ~ that could be compared to the Fifth Avenue in New York ~ Via Tornabuoni .

It was the only café facing this street and it was a very esclusive & elegant coffee bar , tea room , restaurant, chocolate factory where elegant & noble ladies and gentlemen stopped for a break or for their meeting.
It was The ‘show Window’ of The Florentine aristocratic society and I still remember some famous writers and nobles seated at those tables .

The Negroni cocktail was invented here by The bartender Fosco Scarselli Who served to the Count Camillo Negroni a Special kind Of Americano adding some gin and for tge great success after This first try was called ‘Negroni’ in honour Of the conte himself.

Some years ago Roberto Cavalli opened his boutique exactly here and I was so sorry because an historical café Would have been replaced by a fashion shop leaving this area with Such a great lackness Of style’
Fortunately Cavalli re-Open The café with The name Of Giacosa Cavalli caffè just round the corner in Via della Spada and here you can find some picts Of it .
Try The cappuccino , with a dark creamy chocolate touch on the foam That gives it a different taste 😍
Try the patries with ricotta cheese, are fab!











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