When your aunt writes a book

It was a strange feeling receiving This book from My mom’s hand as a present : my aunt wrote a book about her life and her past.
This book tells part Of My family history maybe The most unknown , My father’s side .
I knew something but not all That I Found in this: a lot about The second world war in Italy, Tuscany the sacrifices and The hard times they lived and then The happiness for freedom , for food again , back to life again!
My aunt writes with passion about her childwood spent in town ~ My birthplace Pistoia ~ and on The tuscan mountains around it during The war.
She tells about friendship among people and solidariety at those hard times and How deep can be love for life and nature.
She doesn t care about opening her heart to us with no fear at all, using simple but significant words to explain her feelings.
What is stunning for me is her clean memory for facts happened many years ago: she describes The contact Of her feet on The grass as a very unique sensation since she was a little girl and How she Made it try to her mother when she grow up.
I could know a part Of My father’s life I didn’t know and I Wish to Thank My aunt Maria Grazia for This .
The book’s cover is one Of her Painting ( yes she is a real artist also painting since ever !) which represents – Of course – a green field Of our beloved Tuscany.
I keep This book close to me , on My bed side as now as a prayers book.
She had The courage to Open her heart to The world ~ especially our very small world living in a little town ~ and I admire her for This !
Thank you lovely aunt I didn’t know so well before This book !
Will keep This for My daughter as our past cannot be forget to better appreciate our present times.



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