Pierre Hermè : my first rose macarons in Paris

My first time with macarons was in Paris ~ France ~ with This one ( a big one ! ) by Pierre Hermé .
Tried it by the historical cafè Les Deux Magots in Saint Germain and so everything was perfect for My first tasting in Paris!
Pink , tender pink , was The colour , red The rose petal on the top
and under the tougue was a mix of delicate rose aroma mixed with The fruits That were The columns of This aromatic temple Of delicate taste …
A small (not eatable )label with just ‘PH ‘ says it was made by Pierre Hermé as a brand put on a fashion bag.

Just try it on a Saturday evening with French people talking around your table waiting for a table and feel as a local with a Special regard to The French world That is so different from yours !

Let’s try it and enjoy it as much as I did








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