Sardinia island: ‘my pills of Heaven’4 you!

Since I was a child I spent my summer holidays in a stunning big island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea in front of Tuscany region: Sardegna.
Together with Sicily it is the biggest island we have.

The biggest and the most beautiful place I have ever seen not just for the sea ~ deep blue in different shades of green, cobalto , light blue, simply transparent and fruity scented water ~ but also for the nature you can see around the sea as well as in the countryside.

Here I am again this year as so During my stay ,I am going to share with you some “pills of heaven “from food to nature , landscape and good friends , in order to let you understand why I love it so much!








3 thoughts on “Sardinia island: ‘my pills of Heaven’4 you!

    1. thank you, grazie Jennifer!!
      Grazie to get in touch with me: love your beautiful blog and your story: we are both in love with this land.
      I am in the North near Santa Teresa and you?
      I live in Tuscany , Pistoia between Firenze and Lucca.

      I have another blog About Sardinia with my very personal emotions since I visited this island 40 years ago..Yes, I was a child!
      would love to love to share this with you , if you like , there are nicer photos than these and it’s in Italian as I did it thinking to my friends , but you are an Italian now so… tu puoi leggerlo facilmente!

      can I send you the link ?
      have a gr8 day,


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