Sardinia island~ my ‘pills of heaven’~ Roman Pantheon granite columns come from here!

On the Northen part of Sardinia island
facing the Corse coast
stunning rocky shapes kissing the seaside

Romans crossed the deep blue sea
to extract the hard
travelling by ships
fighting against the
strong wind
and the Bonifacio’s waves
making big holes
to take out
the best marble
to create a Gods’ temple
and a neverending story about this special material

some centuries later
came from Pisa to take it
for Baptistery’s columns

and nowadays…
Tokio Opera House is made of this,
The Liberty’s statue basis in New York is made of this,
the Riverside Center in Brisbane, Australia is made of this,
the Hong Kong airport,
Mercedes Benz headquarter in Stuggart
and many other buildings around the world speak Italian – Sardinian 😍😍😍

the word granito comes from the Latin ‘ granum ‘ = grain
in fact
it looks like little kristal grains
elegant mixture of grey, white,black sometimes tender pink
all together with shining points as diamonds under the sun light

I climbed a lot to reach these wonderful places
my legs was out ‘out of order ‘ the day after
but the stunning views really worth!

at the end I found pieces of columns on the rocky beach and all the glorious past
was just there
with me 💓💓💓

and what a pleasure sharing all this with you now,

















9 thoughts on “Sardinia island~ my ‘pills of heaven’~ Roman Pantheon granite columns come from here!

    1. thank you darling…
      what’s your name?
      did you get my last email about Sardinian blog?
      how are you in Tuscany?next week I will be at home – Pistoia – did you visit it? nice town full of art and history.
      If you wish to visit it I will be happy share it with you having a good cappuccino together!


      1. I did get your email and replied….so I thought!? Sorry, I may have done something wrong there. My name is Camilla, I have a friend in Pistoia that I must go and see. A cappuccino sounds wonderful, when it cools down a little I’ll be out and about, does this mean its the end of your beautiful pictures for now?


      2. ciao Camilla,
        never received yr reply , so ..I thought too?;-))
        here is the link :

        starts with the title :
        anche quest anno siamo qua … then go to the oldest post and you will read and see many pages with picts and memories…

        it is as a diary about ‘my love story ‘ with Sardinia and people who shared it with me and still doing…
        my friends who made this place special to me and all the sweet memories I keep with me .
        Hope you will love it!

        about Pistoia : what a nice coincidence! maybe I know him/ her! it’ s a small world indeed.
        So…enjoy my picts and it is in Italian but I know you are lerning it so.. no problem at all 👍😜right?


    2. ciao Camilla!
      did you have the time to read my ‘diary’ about Sardinia?
      Look forward to hearing from you!
      leaving tonight Sardinia direction: Toscana😍😍
      However, more picts & post to come about Sardegna…
      Have a nice Sunday🌞🌻🌈🍷🍦🌸


      1. Ciao Miky,
        I felt like I was peeking in on a wonderful life! My Italian is not as good as I’d like so I translated the page, slowly, slowly!
        The pink sand is quite striking and the beautiful happy faces of family and friends….what wonderful memories you have captured.
        Home again so you can look forward your return again. Thank you for showing me x


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