La MILKERIA : organic original Italian ice cream in Florence ~Tuscany

Milkeria in Firenze
Borgo degli Albizi 87R ( just close to The Bargello museum , in The city center)

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet my friend Paul from Sydney in Florence & decided to try this brand new ice cream shop in The heart Of town.
‘Organic’ is the word you can find written everywhere here & that’s why I wished to try it !
The facade & the interiors are clean , pure, white as the milk is , in fact The name comes from this unique & precious ingredient.
Loved the window overlooking The street in which you can see making crêpesand galettes ( salted crêpes ) That I really LOVE!
The ice cream I had was simply fab ( bacio & fior di latte : to try the primary ingredient of which the ice cream is made of : latte = milk ) we had The chance to sit down & enjoying the fresh ,relaxing atmophere Of the Milkeria and the location recalled me some cosy cafés in Bloomsbury area in my beloved London !














5 thoughts on “La MILKERIA : organic original Italian ice cream in Florence ~Tuscany

    1. Really?? what a coincidence! I saw it some weeks ago but cannot stop but last week I could and I thought it worths. Which tastes did you choose?
      Bacio is wonderful and the fior di latte is so creamy…need to try crepes that I ADORE!
      Hope we can meet and have one together soon, ciao!


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