Just in the heart of Florence – just behind the Brunelleschi’s dome – have a fab coffee tasting with an interesting explaination by one of the owner , Massimo.

Here I am with my American friend Suzanne from Texas, tasting and learing more about coffee and coffee plant & beans.

A nice place indeed where not only drink an excellent cup of coffee or cappuccino, but that offers a huge choice of teas, homemade cakes, starters,pasta,second courses for an informal lunch or aperitivo.

Open 7 day a week from breakfast until aperitivo in the evening.

Let’s enjoy all this !

Espresso caffè
Espresso caffè
Old gate in Florence
Old gate in Florence
As in the past times  visiting Florence by carriage and horse
As in the past times visiting Florence by carriage and horse
Chiaro Scuro Coffee tasting
Chiaro Scuro Coffee tasting

Immagine 1509 Immagine 1511 Immagine 1512 Immagine 1513 Immagine 1515 Immagine 1516 Immagine 1517


    1. Yes it is and I love the tasting!!it’s a different way to sip and understand what you are drinking.
      Thanks for visiting my blog,
      see you soon with some news!


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