Illy caffè art Collection just 4 me!

Once upon a time,
In a foggy & grey winter Morning in a small town in Tuscany a nice coloured surprise knocked at My door ..
A multicolour box with 6 coffee cups designed by a Chinese artist , Liu Wei , lighted up My day !
Illy caffè from Trieste – Italy – wanted to Wish me a very Merry Christmas with this present
and It Made My day a very different one indeed😍👍😉
every time I am sipping a delicious Illy caffè I feel Sooo good & so fortunate to be Italian & Having The best coffee ever!
Thank you Andrea Illy to continuing The family business with Such a great passion for art & top quality coffee as Special sensorial experiences to be matched & enjoyed ❤️😍❤️☕️🎁








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