A New year , New things I’ve learned

Last year I met many different kind of people from everywhere ..
I shared with them my passion for food, shopping and art and for The great addentare Of travelling!
But most of all The pleasure to stay together on The same way , same street , different language , same heart
I’ve met a lovely lady with a common friend in her birthplace ( New Mexico , so so far from me !) and just because I am still a curious girl although I nearly 50..
I Found out so many coincidences to let me think That we are all connected in a simple & strange way , a Special fil rouge connects people
That’s why This New year I Will be more curious , more asking and more conscious That WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE just talking , asking, sharing!
Not keeping feelings Inside ourselves but Open to others because is there Where we can really feel at Home :
A very big Home called EARTH That is The same and The different one for everyone Of us.
Last year …….
I started This blog & met other bloggers in virtual way and in real life Having The opportunity to share ( again ) what we love doing …WRITING,TAKING PICTS , TELLING STORIES, HAVING FUN!

I learned that there is no death : my step father was between life and death for one month last year and now he is back with us with the same brilliant mind althought he is more than 80.. he struggled, we helped him with our prayers maybe and staying close to him when he seemed to be in another dimension between here and nowhere but he overcome and we too

Yes, in my personal experience both in the Restaurant ,by my husband , or in my porfession as a tour leader, you can make a day brighter than another, YOU and ONLY YOU can do something special to others’ eyes to be chosen as their guide or as your relaxing stop where not just eat but enjoing a night an interesting chat with the owners.
Someone called me from Rome booking a table for dinner and said:
‘We are coming just to see you!’
WOW!! this is amazing!!
but it’s true and it brings happinees and satisfation to your job even if it is an hard one but it means that you can be chosen because you are not just a number among a thousand ones… you are YOU!

……Started being a TWEETER & loved it soo much ! Met Interesting people & let other people meet : That ‘s what I love most!!
I learned That we can feel people without watching Inside their eyes, only writing 😄because , YES, we can EXIST beyond our sights!

I learned to be more confident with My instinct as it never lies to me..

Nothing is impossible, we can be what we dreamt Of , just keep on dreaming and acting
trying to change what we don’t like & doing what we are born to.

Follow your inner star, it Will light even your darkest night❤️




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