MadeinPistoia:agricoltural highschool ” IPSAA DE FRANCESCHI”o

In a sunny September morn I visited this beautiful highschool garden full of  fruits’ trees & corn fields , biggest black berries ever seen , plums , giuggiole , apples , wahlnuts  and pears
The atmosphere is unreal : just outside the historical city center of my birthplace, Pistoia, this highschool ,focused on agricolture & envirronment classes ,offers a huge variety of plants  in an authentic  countryside .  Some nurseries plants  too contribute to honour the Pistoia’s  worldwide reputation of ” city of the green “, exporting its ornamental plants  everywhere .


Green walhnut
Green walhnut
a pavement of plums
a pavement of plums
A  nest with a plum!
A nest with a plum!
big black berry
big black berry


My good friend Cecilia Marini  That is a biology  teacher here,  showed me all these goodies & Yes, Of course I picked & taste some of  these juicy fruits ! ;-))
Lucky boys ( more Than girls attending to This kind Of school )  That can enjoy all This every season , planting or spreading first  , then  picking the fruits   and  following the growth of an  organic production.

At the end f this school they could continue to the University or stop studying and start working in the envirronment or agriculture sector.

To know more about this , you can visit  :

the school : a typical Tuscan farmhouse
the school : a typical Tuscan farmhouse
Old old plough
Old old plough



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