MadeinPistoia – How Tuscan grapes become VinSanto #dessertwine

Here we are in Pistoia , my town , rich in typical local producers such as Giuseppe Marini
His delicious VinSanto is a MUST not only for Tuscany but even abroad .

Winner Of many awards it is a family run farm in the outskirts Of Pistoia producing Extra virgin oil, jellies wine, jams & vinegar , D.O.C.G. & I.G.T. wine & grappa .

Sara is the new Marini’s generation & she Opened for me the doors Of the grapes’ heaven ….

The place where the grapes ( Malvasia & Trebbiano best ones only ) stay to get dried is called ‘ Vinsantaia ‘ & it is a Special Room with a particular temperature to keep the grape safe from humidity & muds : I love this kind Of cellar ( in this case for vinsanto is a ventilated attic ) because the scent is fantastic & the view around too it is as a grapes’ fall !
Minimum 3 years have to stay in these small barrels called ‘caratelli’ before it can be called it vinsanto.
In the past we used to Open a bottle Of this precious wine only to celebrate a family New birth or a wedding or a Special occasion , nowadays for me , every happy day with friends or for a family reunion is the right time to open one 👍👍
The oldest it is the best it becomes …That’s why here you can find bottled dated 1985 !

The production is very small but the quality … very high.

A new product they do is almond biscuits – typical from this area – Just invented to be dip into the holywine = vinsanto (this is the Italian translation ) in front Of the fire in an autumnal cold evening as this one…











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