Pistoia : New opening Of the historical Cafè du Globe

Finally Open again in The heart Of my city – pedestrian area – in The so called ‘ Il Globo’ = The Globe area , few steps from The Duomo square.

It ️was a MUST for Pistoia’s people at The beginning Of the last century and for my parents’ generation : a meeting point for gentlemen & ladies’ coffee breaks , to sip sitting on a table or Just standing as it is The Italian way .

I still remember that when I ️was a girl there were some men called : ‘globini ‘ as they were used to spend a large part Of The day outside and Inside The Globo caffè to talk & chat about politics, soccer & …women!

So Sad seeing its windows empty and full Of dust for so many years with no more lights on Inside and outside ….

But Starting from this Christmas Eve it opened its doors again with a Great choice Of pastries & fresh bread & salted snacks & warm first courses for lunch time , gelato & homemade cakes .

Open 7 days a week , until 8:30 pm .

Finally a big Café in Pistoia Where you can invite visitors for an aperitivo or breakfast in a charming athmosphere with more rooms Upstairs too.

So……Welcome Cafè du Globe ! 👏👏👏Goodluck !🌟🌟🌟🌟👍👍
Bring light & life to Pistoia’s city centre 😉😉😉











<img src=”https://passion4food4fashion.files.wordpress.



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