MadeinPistoia – Vinsanto : a Tuscany a precious godness’ nectar for humans

Last Sarurday I had The pleasure to be one Of The tasters Of The New Opening small barrels by Marini Estate , Just in The surrounding hills Of Pistoia.
‘Vin santo è….   ‘ =  It is Vinsanto !

Is The name if this event created by Marini to celebrate The Opening Of The barrels.
This is The 11th edition & for me it has been  The first time.
I loved The smell Of this nectar since from The first steps into The Room called ‘vinsantaia ‘ Where The grapes stay to dry & Where there have been  kept into The barrels to age for a Minimum Of 3 years to be called Vinsanto.
This smell means a lot , as one Of sommelier said :  ‘ we can smell this because the vinsanto breaths!’ some Of its inner mutation comes out from The wood into The air so The Room ️was scented Of it, simply delicious atmosphere 😍😍😍

The small production , The hard job to select The best white grapes , to dry them in a perfect windy mild temperature , The aging for so long time in old or New wood barrels – called ‘caratelli’ – make Of this dessert WINE a very Special expensive wine , unfortunately not enough  known and sold  abroad…

We Tasted 4 different barrels Of The same age & one blend Of all Of them , plus one older bottled one .
I Have to Tell you That all Of them were Excellent & I not Just tasted them but drink all Of them with Great satisfation ! ( I can  admit  that after this tasting I was a bit happly. ..drunk!)

The same grape  stayed in a chestnut old  wood barrel of in a new one can change the taste adding  a different touch on flavour but in my opinion  all Of them were so aromatic & Lovely to my palate…
Enjoy my picts & this Special moment Of The year When the Marini’s family finds out how tasty  it is  the ‘ last born’ of the family : a real treasure preserved in  small barrels as a jewel!





















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