An authentic food experience in an Italian Restaurant with a view

Not only ️great tasty food but also a stunning view over Moneglia’s bay…and a real EXPERIENCE of good   Italian food!

Not Just a huge choice of wines from all over Italy but also a friendly staff with Edoardo in The kitchen & Letizia , his wife, following ️our dinner step by step …

La Ruota Restaurant is a perfect place for unforgettable  memories & you can feel The Real  passion 4 food  : no fixed   menu , The chef decides ever ️morning  ️Which it The fresher fish & seasonal vegetable  & invent a receipe for the day!

I visited it many times with  my American and Australian clients who loved it, of course…

Don’t ️miss ️it if you visit Liguria or 5 Terre you Will never forget this experience, also featured in The New York Times last year 😉& before , 30 years ago ️, when Edoardo ‘s father opened it.

Enjoy life , ️my picts &……… food!



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