London to me : Covent Garden a small Beautiful world 

Please don’t ️️miss ️it ️when in London : everything you can desire is Here !

Fashion shops,beauty shops, food, parfums ,drink, Theatre, cafes , restaurants,market,street artists ,live music, happenings , champagne, chocolate, teashop & …..people of any kind & colour  , children That can run as in a small town’s Church square  without cars 

In The heart of London ️it remains for me an ideal place to stay with friends or for a business rendez-vous  or Just to sit down & watching at The lively movie in front of you : life is Here & you can Feel ️it as an old friend who comes to Welcome you everytime , only for you & for your eyes only & other thousand as you 😍😍😍😍

Enjoy Lonfon life in Covent Garden !(️even The tube station is Beautiful and old , The deepest of The city, in fact you need a lift to go out of it😉) 



7 thoughts on “London to me : Covent Garden a small Beautiful world 

    1. Thank you ️sooo much!😍😍😍so honoured you liked them 😃😃love London as I can love a Good friend & That is part of me. Have you ever been? Have a nice Sunday 🌺🌻🍀🌸🌞🌞


      1. I know Very well …I visited Sydney & Melbourne in 1996 & I still remember The never ending flight !!!just one stop & then …Australia! 😍👏❤️ big dream for ️many Italians in The past .I ️was in The shoe business at That time so We had a workshop in both cities to meet Australian big clients & boutiques .Do you know Nina Leon’s shoe boutique? I dealed with them😉still in contact with ️my Good friend Paul Hiscocks.😍👍️when Have you been Here?I Just Found out That I am a lignum Draco too as I am born in 1964 july , The best year !😍😍👏😂😂😂


      2. P.s. The Nina Leon’s shop ️was in St.Ives shopping Mall at That time , I Visited ️it , Very elegant! Now no more but in Bowral & Melbourne .I Have an invitation from Paul ti visit and stay at any time with ️my family & ️Hope to be back one day 😉so We could meet & take picts together 👏👏👏


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