Pistoia : hidden gem’s treasure in Tuscany 

Pistoia city hall , Comunale palace ,An extraordinary open by FAI www.fondoambiente.it a sort of an Italian Heritage Trust that dedicates a springvweek end For special openings & guided Tours Of hidden places usually closed to public.

Led by volounteers  of Art students from Pistoia’s high School & from The Architecture University of Florence  , dressed with old clothes from Renaissance period , I Could see my birthplace main square from an unusual point Of view: a very small bridge as a Vasarian corridor ‘s minature linking The city hall palace to the Cathedral & visit the room where our Major takes decisions & discuss with people’s rappresentatives.

Such a Long line outside the entrance…maybe love For art is not died yet even among young people?


Furthermore at the same time in The Duomo square , just in front Of The city hall palace, there was a beautiful flea market  that I loved!

Enjoy my picts & visit Pistoia with me 😉😍❤️from a priviligeted view & my compliments to Elena Zinnanni our great guide  belonging to Fai giovani Pistoia Facebook 👏👏👏



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