My Lisbon ‘s coloured façades

My very  first time in Lisbon was last week , just before Easter  & I am  missing it already…. its colours, its fresh & light air ,its smells , its sweets bakery shops’ windows , its old cafès ,its azulejos All over façades, its mosaic Street’s pavements, its multi colour trams & funicular , The red tasty cherries’ dessert wine called ” ginjas” , its multi race community people, The Chiado fashion district sooo cool!!👏👏👏The music in its Streets  , The Porto , great wine!!& The Tago river that looks as a real sea!

Pessoa’s thinking is still in The air , Walks with You & whispers tender words blowing in The wind in the clear spring mornings 🌀🌀🌀 

Lisbon is a brain-storming amazing experience to be enjoyed with a light soul & open eyes on The Sky’s changing  colours  but always on a deep deep cobalto blue shades.

Now I understood The meaning of  the SAUDADE word : a kind Of tender , sweet melancholia for all of this ,in my memory For ever & ever as a Fado song played in the Alfama ‘a narrow streets 🌠🌌💃💃💞🎶🎼🎼🎼🎧









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