My Lisbon : a Food tasting tour remembering Sardinian flavours

tasting & walking tour to immerse myself in The real Lisbon ‘s atmosphere with its colours, smells & goodies!

Mountains of codefish, ( They call it The sea pork as They eat everything of it : toungue & chick too)sardines & pata negra ham so expensive & so lightly tasty as no one  else …extra Virgin oil ,sheep & chevre cheese , butter & cotognata jam ti be matched with fresh cheese …..this production reminded Sardinia ‘s one & confetti ( canded sugar sweets as in Pistoia😉)

WINE , sweet WINE as Porto & Gigija spirit with whole cherries inside , sangria with red or white porto ( I tasted both & chose to have a mix : fab!!!)











 Follow me into The best old groucers shops, delicatessen & The market in Plaza Fighiera  (Figs Sq.)an explosion of Food & drink that Of course I loved a lot😉😋😋 



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