How to sip a good coffee as a real Italian!

In Italy every moment during the day  , and at night  too ,  is a good moment to have a stop by a BAR

(typical Italian cafè)

and sip a small  cup of an  espresso or a  cappuccino or ginseng coffee or a barley coffee  or a caffè macchiato ( with a  milk spot : macchia = in English is  spot ) or schiumato – (  that means just milk foam ! ) and do you know how we usually have it  since centuries?

the first one  is usually  very strong and short

in the morning

at home

made with the moka machine and  no milk,  just black coffee!

then , later maybe another one in a BAR but…

just standing, no sitting  as tourists do!

just to have a look to the newspaper,

have a chat with the barman about the weather and the politicians or fottball …or both!

have a short  pause from work and feel immediately better

meeting friends for a short gossip

recharge batteries after a big meeting or BEFORE it!

with no sugar if you want to taste at its best

choosing a BAR depending of how many coffee it makes per day because the more they do the best it comes out!!

after lunch for a better digestion !

in the afternoon for another break before finishing your work

after dinner at home again with moka or an espresso if you are eating outside

how many they are ?

did you count them?? MANY , they are Many I can tell you


don’t worry…after all these coffees you can only sleep as a baby if ….

you are a real Italian!!!

otherwise….I think you will stay awake all the night thinking about which was the strongest  of the day!

Have a look at this and at my picts about the best coffe and cappuccino ever , which one will you chose to start a new day?



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