My Tuscany’s Tale: Volterra & 50 shades of green

I am going  to tell you the story of …..

….once upon a time there was a Tuscan girl who dreamt about living abroad & leave  her small town for a big metropolis  , as London,  forgetting about her past & starting a new life far away from her birthplace…

30 years later this girl became a lady & start to think differentely…in fact nowadays 

The more I travel the more I appreciate & love my region : so beautuful & full of arts , history & wild  nature , smooth green hills as a painting where to run, wineyards & olive trees , smells of flowers & gorgeous landscapes ….

I feel to belong to this Country as a plant to its  roots & soil  

it’s my pleasure to share with you all this & hope you could  see it with your own eyes one day 

for me anytime is the first time : never too much of Tuscany, never ! aways a surprise behind every corners & stone and now I can say for sure the GREAT  BEAUTY  is here 

no way , don’t you agree?😉😉😉                                                 


7 thoughts on “My Tuscany’s Tale: Volterra & 50 shades of green

    1. thank you so much Marc!next trip to Tuscany contact mevin advance & could you plan a fantastic experience😉👍☕️🍦🍸🍴🍝🍷.If you love my blog maybe I can be part of your bloggers?


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