My Lisbon : visit with me Casa do Alentejo !

Loved this palace : it was a real surprise😍😍😍😱😱😱for me !

my friend from Italy told  me not to miss it and so I did the first evening I was in Lisbon went there👍

it’s a restaurant but more than this it is a true institution representing the Alentejo region just close to Lisbon 

You can’t believe behind a simple anonymous façade to find such a great beauty, but ……have a look & dream to be in Tunisi or Morocco but not in Portugal…

I love the patio & the theatre & the halls at the first floor with such a soft light ,as a painting, azoulejos as a frescoes too , that green tables😊😊😊 









 really unforgettable …& breathtaking.

enjoy my picts now😍😍😍



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