My Tuscany’s tale : wine tasting ,not only Chianti region exists 

Not only Chianti area , not only a red red wine but also  a rosè one…not only Chianti in Tuscany exists!

let’s have a look at this enchanting location  the   Pisa area..& yes,  Pisa is not only the leaning tower🍷🍷🍷🍸🍸🍸😂😂😂

This a big estate where you can taste many different kind of wines : riserva with a  100% Sangiovese, Vermentino di Toscana 100% Vermentino,Colorino di Toscana 100% colorino , a Chianti ! 100% Sangiovese, but also rosè with Sangiovese & Prugnolo ….

a beautiful celler , as you can  see ,

the Rivetti family has another estate in the northern  part of Italy, Piedmont ,producing an excellent Barbera D Asti, Barolo , a fab sparkling wine ‘Millesimato’ , a spectacular ‘For England Rosè ‘ & a Moscato that I loved a lot !!❤️❤️❤️🍸🍸 

& of course in Tuscany they have a superb extra virgin oil & its own  mill to crush the olives!

a perfect location for a wine tasting with Tuscan food delicatessen ,  a wineyard + celler tour & even  suitable for a great wedding reception in its spacious rooms overlooking the beautiful , breathtaking Tuscan hills 



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