Pistoia ,a hidden gem in Tuscany: John Ruskin loved (& wrote )about this Church

The English writer , John Ruskin ( art critic ,poet ,peinter )  , born in my beloved London in 1918, visited Pistoia in 1845 .

He was really impressed by the Church of San Giovanni fuorcivitas ( this Latin word means outside of the city but at the present it is considered THE city heart ) and he wrote about this church as example of ‘living architecture’ & 

‘the most graceful and grand  piece of Romanesque work , as a fragment , in north Italy ‘

This is my favourite Church since I was a teenager & were used to stop here before goung to school  to pray  ( usually I didn’t study a lot …)when  I was worried about the oral text !

The Madonna ‘s statue to whom I was devoted  is a young Maria ( as me at that time ) &  made by Luca della Robbia ,the sculptor known for his Terra-cotta roundels   & who developped   a pottery glazed style like this work is  titled:

  ‘ the visitation ‘ dated 1445. This white tin-glazed terra cotta statue represents  the biggest dimension work of the artist.

Love the young  Maria’s face vs the Elisabeth old one & the same feeling shared : worried about maternity & their future life….as every woman especially when pregnant!

Another reason to visit Pistoia, enjoy😌👍👏





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