My exclusive Tuscany : lunch & wine tasting with a real Italian Countess

Not just wine, not just food , not just Tuscany : here we are in an exclusive location, with a noble  lady , by her family estate with a magnificent Italian garden…simply a dream 😍😍 with something more ….excellent wines , extra virgin oil & a special dessert wine : vin santo!

Ginevra is the name of the Countess who opened  the doors of the old cellers , the big gate of the Italian garden walking  with  us among the scented wisteria’s plants  , taste with us her wine , ribollita ( typical Tuscan soup)  & showed all her properties  with wineyards & oilve trees from the tower of her palace.

An unforgettable experience for my American clients but even for me everytime I visit it! 

 Feeling comfortable & really enchanted by this estate , very welcomed by the Countess Ginevra who brought us back to old times made of a great respect for Tuscan traditions and a great passion for wine made with love and in an organic & sustainable farming practices.

Small production  , top quality  !

Enjoy this secret garden & palace with me now…


3 thoughts on “My exclusive Tuscany : lunch & wine tasting with a real Italian Countess

    1. yes, definitely! She is a school mate of mine😍we met after 30 years in the name of wine🍷🍷great person, great class & style, great wine & feeling of being part of this for one day only😍❤️


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