Pistoia : a secret garden , wine & art and … whatelse?

In an old building  – historical palace – that is a Residence in the city  center of Pistoia ,www.artemuraresidence.com

yesterday  I was invited to a wine tasting of Tuscan producers  ( one is my friend Lisa Barsi with her farmhouse – family estate  www.lepoggiola.com ) combined with fab paintings made by www.danielacorsini.it 

Behind the palace there is a secret garden that I loved very much :

a perfect  silence & an unreal atmopshere made me think of a very clever missionary man ( gesuita)  from Pistoia who was born in this palace in 1684 he was the first European who studied & stayed 3 years  in Tibet arrived after a long and difficult travel in  


 1716 & he is considered the first Tibetan specialist!

In fact he learned Tibetan language & instead of trying to change the Tibetan religion in Catholicism he decided to open his mind  to it and accepted the possibility of another God ‘s name with the sembiance of Buddha.

He was the first example of tollerance but the Roman Church didn ‘t like it & called him back to Italy & he died very soon after  this …

the world didn t know for many century what he did & all his books about Tibet & its people eas hidden only nowaday , another man from Pistoia spent a great part if his life reading & looking for news about Padre Ipoolito Desideri 

this is the link made  by Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi  www.ippolito-desideri.net 

about  the ‘ forgotten ‘monk by the Catholic Church ,born in Pistoia & that I imagined running in this beautiful garden when he was a child & then crossing many high mountains walking until Tibet as in the film : Seven years in Tibet with Brad Pitt.




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