Made in Tuscany : 200 years of Toscano cigar celebrated with ‘Toscanello’

The Tuscan compositor Giacomo  Puccini born in Lucca in 1858 , was used to smoke Toscano cigar during his relaxing  time & even when creating  his operas such as la Bohème  or La Tosca 😉and with a Toscano cigar you could see it  in his statue  in front of his birthhouse-museum in the heart of Lucca, in his right hands he hold a Toscano !!
Maybe not everybody knows that in Tuscany we are producing them since long time & with this special packaging ( a nice wood box ) here below wanted to celebrate 200 years 

  from when it started the legend of the Toscano cigar origin.

As for many products sometimes the new ones come out because of a mistake or a bad  weather event as in this case .The legend tells that a lot of rain fall down into the Florence tobacco’s factory in 1815 & so a big quantity of precious Kentucky leaves  were very wet and so considered unuseful but the warm  weather ( it was summer time)  helped to dry them & the general manager of the industry decided to use this second choice tobacco putting into a leave of tobacco instead of paper used for cigarettes & creating a cigar for a very low price :it  was a great success & everybody loved it as it was very aromatic !

Since that time on the Toscanello , as in my picts, is one of the best product of Tuscany and not just for men, as you could see, lovely young lady love smoking it : some are also scented with very tasty flavours such as vanillia & coffee…and is not more a cheap one , on the contrary it is a very exclusive cigar to be matched with a good  glass of Whisky or Cognac or Grappa or after a real espresso coffee.

For more info have a look at this 😉




4 thoughts on “Made in Tuscany : 200 years of Toscano cigar celebrated with ‘Toscanello’

  1. Hello my name is Larry p i e t r a n g e l o unfortunately I do have relatives in Italy and I have friends who are Italian but the funny thing is I don’t speak Italian go figure I do have a little bit of Polish me anyway the question I have for you I like the Toscano cigars very much I guess my second are Honduran and Dominican Republic I like a very strong potent cigar I come to really appreciate the Italian cigars very much so I live in the United States the state of Michigan in the city of Southgate Michigan planning to move 20 miles farther north 2 Saint Clair Shores Michigan however I like the purchase a number of your Toscano cigars especially the very dark Maduro looking cigars in one of your information and the food for fashion it shows a lovely lady smoking a dark Toscano Michigan. Sell toscano’s and Peroni cigars but not the full line where can I purchase them here can I buy them online I hope you can drop Me In buying the cigars I really love them


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