Passion 4 cappuccino  : how has to be a real good one 

If you want to start a new day with a twist don’t miss this cappuccino!

great coffee flavour & very thick foam , kindness & smiling faces will serve it to you ( not so common anymore nowadays , unfortunately, ) delicious fresh pastries every morning & many newspapers & magazines so you can stop, sit down & relax before starting your day👏👍👍

in this first pict you can see a very smooth foam in which you can even write on it!

this is made in Pistoia by Le grand  cafè le damier in Via della Madonna ,8 and made of :

with fresh milk  ( some still use the pastorized one that has an horrible  taste , in my opinion I really can’t drink it😖😖)

first choice coffee

porcelain big warmed cup

thich foam

warm enough to wait just two seconds  to start sipping

In the second  pict you can see the different kind of foam ( bubbles as a shower soap  !)& it was almost cold too… no enough coffee to paint the milk😒😒a real bad start indeed….


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