My Lisbon : doors ,windows & the Fado murales 

Can’t imagine how many times I think  about this city :it was a real beautiful discover & want to go back soon again.

Our guide showed this quarter where the Fado  = faith ,  











 music started : a quarter in which each wall tells the story of this kind  of music. Sad melodies sang  with lot of passion . Now played everywhere in tavern or cafès .

Famous singers of fado include Amália RodriguesDulce PontesCarlos do CarmoMarizaMafalda ArnauthAntónio ZambujoAna MouraCamanéHelder Moutinho.
This music was  inscribed in 2011 in the UNESCO Intangible  Cultural Heritage list. 

            Enjoy the colours and the atmosphere😉😉👏👍  



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