Pistoia : a curious hamlet called “The sayings’ village ” 

Never been in this place before : just 30 minutes driving from Pistoia’s  

  center  and it is another world!

no shops, no supermarket, no school, no hotel ( just  an only b&b called Il ghiro = the loir 👍😉) no police station, no post office , no wi fi , but ….

a Church,  a cafè ( with men playing cards  ) a small beautiful  cemetery , many trees & green & houses with gardens each with some sayings engraved on wood plaques in the gates.

The village name is LAGACCI  , let’s have a look to this nice small village!  

on the café desk

Some years ago some natives  started this  curious habit of writing what their  grandparents sayings: worried about the possibility of forgetting them with the new upcoming generations , decided to engraved them  on wood & hang  them outside in their own garden.

This is how it appears to you this hamlet! 







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