Florence : Gilli Caffè since 1733 a must in Firenze 

Since I was a child my mother used to stop here for a cappuccino , an espresso or an aperitivo & for me a hot chocolate topped with swipped cream , if in winter time  , in summer a fresh organge  juice😉

I was very young  but I was able  to feel that it was a great place to stay ….maybe my love for old cafes started  from this experience.

The special twist that only  historical ones can have and can give you : the welcoming  old chairs, tables that hosted thousand of cups & dishes , they listened to many love words & even arguments  with friends ! meetings & first dating…all this accompanied by delicious homemade chocolate & pastries , coffeed & teas as river Arno!!

I love the feeling of  being part of the history & visiting this place makes me happy fullfilling my desire ; when I am here again , everytime I can say to myself : Yes, here  I am, as many before me , I can still enjoy the “dolce vita” inside its old walls😍😍😍

Enjoy life ,carpe diem !!!


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