MadeinPistoia: ever sipped a real Italian espresso in a coffee roastery?in my  tour yes, you can 😉☕️👍 Pistoia, a hidden gem in Tuscany
If you are a  coffee lover or simply a coffee addicted you can’t miss this roastery’s experience.

Open & run  by the same family since 1930 in Montecatini Terme ( 15 km from Pistoia  ) & now settled in Pistoia , opened  its doors to me & my clients to show us how to roast the beans coming from South  America & then taste a small creamy espresso Italian way : standing 😉🔝☕️

A special aromatic scent in the air , as being immerse  in a coffee cup ! A coffee cup with 80 years of history…

They produce  different kind of coffee , both for moka as for bar , for home use & professional machines,  vending house & office , capsules with machine in loan for  use , in beans or  grounded , decaffeinated, fair trade organic ones, rare coffee blends ….you   can find them in Pistoia’s best groucery shops & in some department food  stores in Pistoia.

Exported in many Countries ( Canada, France,Germany, Japan , South Africa )

but not  in US : maybe it’s time to have a New York café in New  York city, what do you think?? I am sure it would be a good combination of  top quality , top location , top café with an American name & an Italian heart❤️

Who is interested in this new challenge?? Maybe ME :  I’d love to open a small cosy Italian corner on the HighWay or in the Village …selling & serving New York coffee Italian way 👍😉

Enjoy my picts now & my clients’ satisfied faces during this unforgettable experience MADEINPISTOIA.

Roasting…and smelling!




13 thoughts on “MadeinPistoia: ever sipped a real Italian espresso in a coffee roastery?in my  tour yes, you can 😉☕️👍 Pistoia, a hidden gem in Tuscany

  1. .. that’s the nice thing of visiting the more urban and “civilized” parts of Tuscany. Down here in the rural parts, I think we have maybe just one notable firm for coffee roasting. Great idea to visit such places ! How about Toscanelli cigars, any factory you would recommend ? Cheers from a little further down south


    1. Really ? here in Pistoia’s area we have at laest 3 good roasteries that I know.
      About cigars factory in Lucca there is the facory but is not so easy to visit, unfortunately…
      do you smoke toscanelli?


      1. I quit smoking years ago, but Toscano, even as a whole, was my preferred nicotine .. “antico” 🙂 .. I stay “dry”, but for non-habitual smokers Toscano is a must !

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    1. 👍👍👍my husband liked very much the ‘toscanelli’ granducato : just made to celebrate 200 years since the downpour in Florence ‘s cigar factory , so that trying to dry the wet tobacco the Tuscan cigar was invented 😉👍It’s amazing hiw many things are created from a mystake …as brigidini from Lamporecchio ( Pistoia’s district ).

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