MadeinPistoia : ever tasted warm  ricotta  cheese just made by a real shepherd ?

An unforgettable  sensorial experience that includes smell , taste & sight : visiting a small family run cheese factory on Pistoia’s hill.

A slow food product called :’raw milk pecorino cheese ‘ entirely made with sheep milk not boiled, to preserve the aroma & the proprieties of the fresh milk . 

Hand made , organic , healthy , organic , tasty : could you ask more to a cheese? 

yes , to see how it is really made! 

This is what you can see here & also ricotta cheese with its typical light flavour that only pure, simple goodies can offer you since centuries, still made in the same old way.

Taste it warm is one of the best experience in life : you could never forget how smooth it is & how it brings you back to the past when everything seemed to be pure , white & perfect as this product .

Ricotta in Italian means : ‘cooked twice’ as it is the result of the second  heating of the milk  after having made cheese.

Daniele is a young shepherd & decided to carry on his  family business started first with his grandfather , with his  girlfriend Valentina : an entire life dedicated to sheep as they are part of the family and can never stay alone!

He looks after them , loving them & finding for them new fields where to eat better  fresh grass, keeping them  in the shadow during the day, moving to  another location during the night, trying to protect  them from the wolfs , yes as on children tales ! we also have this pradator in our hills so close to town, amazing…

 Sheeps  know Daniele & he knows them : he has some favourites too , some wearing red ribbons just to make them nicer ! they are not afraid of him , he can touch them & when he talks to them it’s look like they understand him . Daniele’s father & grandfather won many awards beacause of sheep beauty, shape & as good milk producer.

Daniele is modern shepherd with a great love for animals & tradition , a way of living crossing montains early every morning , everyday , with his dogs &  about 200 followers that are not virtual as on Facebook , but real and  running on the Mother Earth 🌏to give us an extraordinary product really made with love and passion.
enjoy my Flipgram & picts!


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