Made in Pistoia : The  first STREETFOOD in Pistoia!

Here we are : one of the most important road of Pistoia , the so called , at the beginning of last century ,  “camionabile”  – from camion = truck in English  – because it was the first big direct road that was leading to  Bologna  , the North of Italy – in a quick  way crossing the town without touching the historical center, so that all the trucks travelling through Pistoia could use this rectilinear way👍

So, what a better location to host STREETFOOD trucks? 😉👍👍great idea!

This is the Viale  ( alley in English ) Adua  a very  pulsant commercial district of Pistoia  lots of  shops,Banks & of course department stores!

Yesterday , Sunday afternoon from 6 :00 pm until midnight ,  for this special event the Viale Adua was partly closed to cars & became a pedestrian area 🚶🏼🚶🏼👫👭👣👣🐾🐾🎈🎈🌿🌿🌲

Last evening it hosted the first STREETFOOD event & it was a success, many visitors even from outside Pistoia’s district .

Compliments to 👏👏👏 for the great organization !when the next  one edition? 

Enjoy life & my picts now😉❤️


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