Pistoia :il Pollo d’Oro since 1963 a family run Pizzeria ,same location, same top quality!

A perfect restaurant  pizzeria  for pizza lovers (wood fire ) and every kind of Tuscan food, from pasta to seafood and homemade desserts , big mix salads and Tuscan beer made in a small brewery , tagliata meat steak , original starters with Parmigiano mousse and creamy buffalo mozzarella  and many more options !

Just decide if you want a white pizza( ever tried without tomato sauce and only mozzarella cheese and salad, salami or ham ,porcini mushrooms and arugola? ) or a big calzone filled with many fresh ingredients or a big double pizza called pane arabo , a speciality with more than 20 ingredients from rice to mushrooms and spicy salami…more seated outside under big umbrella , inside a nice room  with air cond

A nice welcoming tavern that was a old celler in the past now hosts many tables where you can have dinners with friends or with collegues or to celebrate a birthday in privacy and with a rustic atmosphere.

More than 80 seated places in total for a special dinner to be remembered !

don’t miss it when you visit Pistoia . open every day starting from 6.00 pm until midnight.



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Dinner by il Pollo d'oro hands & pizza
Dinner by il Pollo d’oro hands & pizza

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