Pistoia’s flavours :do you know what is a “norcino” shop ?🐷🐽🐖🐷🐽

The word “norcino” comes from a small town , Norcia , in Umbria region  in central /south Italy & means coming from Norcia.

Starting from the Middle Age in this area of Italy there were many  norcini  (a sort of  butchers specialized  in pork meat  only : experts of making  sausages ,ham,salami & everything coming from the pork .They were very good in cutting  & chosing  the best part of the  animal , adding salt pepper +other natural aromas to preserve it & they were very requested both in Tuscany & in Lazio regions for this job.

That’s what I am  going to show you today a real Norcino  in Pistoia : open in 1937 , since 1976 Mr Agostino Desantis runs this small butchery shop in the heart of Pistoia’s food centre , the so called “la sala” district offering a huge choice of deli products.

Sonia welcomes me with her beautiful smile & gives me the best fillet pork filled with a mix of aromatic herbs ( a secret receipe by Agostino) that makes a simple piece of meat a delicious tasty meal!

I cooked it without adding anything else, just into the oven as it is & in about 40 minutes it was done: tender, good ,scented,healthy 😉👍eith some vegetables is a complete lunch.

You can see how many products Agostino sells & prepears with his hands (fresh sausages to be eaten  as the are on a slice of  bread , ever tried? not cooked …..they are simply a must to taste !!) : a new enter is now the chicken 👏

Enjoy this typical Italian food shop , NOT for vegetarian , of course!


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