Made in Pistoia : enjoy July with Pistoia Blues Festival!

Since I was child July was a very happy  month for me : first of all because of my birthday on the 5th 🎉🎊🎁🎁🎁🎂🎂🎉than , on the 25th the patron’s celebration – Sant’ Jacopo   -with Giostra dell Orso ( a kind of Palio in Siena : an horse race in the main square of Pistoia with historical clothes)and a parade in the central streets representing the four  ‘rioni ‘ – quarters – of the town .

This was the so called : Luglio ( July ) Pistoiese !

When I became a girl ( many years ago 😁) exactly  in 1980 a new event started  in my quiet city : 

A lot of strange people ( hippies) came here just to hear blues music  & our provincial town wasn’t ready to accept & to understand the chance of a making a great business with concerts .

Our narrow  streets were full of these long hair  prople so that many shops preferred to shut down  their doors instead of selling because a bit scared about this amazing kind of people …

Year after year Pistoia blues became very  well know event even outside Tuscany for this annual summer festival and many visitors come here every July to attend to the concerts. 

The kind of public also changed with years : no more teints in public gardens as beds  but all our hotels , b&b & farmhouses inside & outside the city center are completely booked  now & all the shops are open …😉

Today ,  36 years  later after its first concert , Pistoia opens its doors  to the Pistoia Blues Festival with no more just a week-end of music  as at the beginning , but from July 1st until 24th Pistoia will host many famous singers & players such as   Sting, 


Santana ,

Passengers & many more! 

So…let’s visit Pistoia in July & you will find art , food , wine and ….music !!!🎼🎺🎸🎷🎹🎻🎤🎧🎵



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