Pistoia : an exaordinary shopping night for sales !

A wonderful time in Pistoia yesterday night : from 9 :00 pm until over midnight all the shops showed  their clothes & items  outside the door on the street & celebrate the sales’ beginning!

Some shops were so beautiful, live music in the street & lots of people enjoying shopping & fresher night air 😍😍😍 

Summertime is great when you can stay outside for dinner & have fun with shopping & friends , it looks like we are on holidays… with an icecream & lots of chats 











 Enjoy my picts ! 🍸👍❤️


6 thoughts on “Pistoia : an exaordinary shopping night for sales !

    1. Yes, in fact !!! much better when on sale & music, drink , ice cream & lots of people chatting & walking🍸🍦🍧👬👭👪 I know so many peole in my town, Pistoia, that I have to stop to each shop to say hello! 👋👋nice evening, isn’t it? how you doing? ☺️☺️can’t walk without stopping every 2 minutes!👏👏👏😂😂😂and I love this, it is like living in a small village !


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