Sardegna : my love affair , my summer retreat

A big marvellous island almost in front of Tuscany , into the Mediterranean sea , with amazing white and pink beaches, rocks & scented mulicolours flowers ,bougaivillae , eucalyptus , mirto …simply wild nature !
Only blue sky & blue sea around you : when you are on the beach you can imagine to be in a Paradise
and this has been my summer house since I was ten : I spent here almost all my holidays & now that I am older I can’t miss my rendez-vous with it every July as my daughter loves this place as I do,my husband too : my old friends became my husband friends , their children are my children’s friends et… l’ histoire se répète every summer.
Meeting them in this amazing place made me feel young as the first time I saw this clean sea & fell in love with its windy air and its goodies , its people , its secret heart made of undiscovered treasures.
Enjoy !


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