Sardinia : a real paradise on earth

Don’t need too  words to describe this wild , stunning place : this is the view from my balcony , an explosion of colours and green that  leads you immediately in the mood of relax and peace….and the strong  wind! 

A wind typical of this northen area of Sardegna ,that brings you sea’s scent , flowers and plants aromas & confused your hair & thoughts because here is really another world made of simple , pure elements that only in here you can feel you  belong to them too




2 thoughts on “ Sardinia : a real paradise on earth

    1. 😂😂👏👏👏my house is too small but I can find a nice b&b for you darling!😍👍I am going to lead a tour here in October so… more picts to come even in another season and different areas of Sardinia😉


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