Sardinia : the free life of living in an island

You don’t need many things to feel free & enjoy life here!
That’s what I really like of this place :
no make up !
just at night maybe if you go to dance or to a special dinner
no shoes !
just slippers, sandals or better ….bare feet
no elegant dresses !
just casual & informal ones
no hair dresser!
your hair are perfect as they appear , shining & soft , after a great bath in this wonderful clean sea
no timing !
just having breakfast, lunch & dinner whenever you decide to have it
no TV!
just books , radio, magazines, newspapers and of course a mobile but…. not everywhere you can have wi fi …sooooo DISCONNECTION !!👏👏👏👏
no stress!
just do what you want to do and when
no nail polish!
it’s better for your feet & hands to take all the minerals from the sea 😉

What you need here is just a good book ,a camera and an open eyes, nose, ears ,skin’s pores to absorb everything around you
a great mouth too as the food here is simply GREAT!!!
Regenerate yourself with few things and lots of love for people you decide to bring with you❤️💋🍸
The less you bring the more you will take within yourself 😍

Have a look what I wear & need for my vacations here….😉
Happy Sunday from Sardegna , island of freedom & peace!









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