Typical cookies from Sardinia ,foodies’ wisdom!

I love sweets , especially the simple ones with not colourings, no preservaties , no yeast (  if possible )and these traditional pastries are really my favourite ones!

Amaretti, formaggelle & reginelle ( a kind of savoiardi biscuits) are always  on my table for breakfast when I am in Sardinia .

Amaretti are very soft & made  mostly with almonds , not chruncy as  made in the Northern Italy , they are simply delicious for any occasion : from breakfast to after dinner with mirto digestive spirit

Formaggelle are small basket of unsweeted dought filled with a mix of eggs, sugar, ricotta cheese & raisins and a bit of lemon skin. Eaten warm are a real pleasure!!! Good as a break during the day & for breakfast too.

Reginelle are like savoiardi but with  a different finishing on the top but the taste is the same : soft and lightly sweet are perfect dipped in warm milk , just a quick dip as they are very very soft and you can see them disappearing into the milk😂😂😂 They are yeast & butter free  😋😉👍 just sugar, flour & fresh eggs .

They have been called savoiardi as they have been invented just for the Italian Royals , the Savoia family who had  beautiful villas in the island.

  Sardinia is a special place to me because it can offer not just a stunning  jump into the wild nature but also a real food experience made of hundred of products so special & tasty you couldn’t easily forget …from wine to cheese, from pastries to handmade pasta , to spirits made with mirto berries & honey …Sardinia is a foodies ‘ wisdom!! 

and so it is mine too👏👍😉😍❤️ 



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